January? You mean Dry January?

It’s almost that time of year again…

Dry January

No, we’re not talking about Christmas. And we’re not talking about New Year either. We’re talking, of course, about Dry January. You know what it is. At Glen Dochus, we certainly know what it is. It’s that time of year when millions of drinkers worldwide decide to kick the booze to the curb for an entire month – often after a characteristically overindulgent festive period (guilty).

The folks in the know are anticipating this year’s Dry January will be the biggest yet – with more people than ever expected to take part in the month-long challenge. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, when Alcohol Change UK first launched the campaign back in 2013, only 4000 or so people were intrigued by the idea of giving up alcohol for the entire month of January – and they were all from the UK.

Today, Dry January is no longer just a UK initiative. It’s spread to countries around the globe. Including the United States, Switzerland, France, Norway and Iceland. And in the last year alone, it’s estimated a massive 6.5 million people decided to take part – an increase of 66% from the year before.

So how did we get from where things were in 2013, almost a decade ago, to where they are now – today?

It’s all about the benefits

Self-care, holistic health, eco-principles, keeping fit, staying safe and in control – these are all hot topics for today’s consumers. And they’re playing a big part in driving Dry January’s growth.

People are starting to realise they don’t need alcohol to have a good time. They’re also starting to realise that ditching the booze comes with an abundance of benefits – even if it’s just for a month.

Perhaps you’re on the fence about participating in this year’s Dry January. Or maybe you’re a bar owner or restauranteur trying to better understand this non-alcoholic phenomenon. Whomever you are and whatever your reasons might be, we’ve broken down why going dry this Dry January is nothing but a good thing – for you and those around you.

Better for your BODY

No hangovers, better quality sleep, sharpened concentration, weight loss, reduced illness – there are no two ways about it, going alcohol- free for a month can lead to a whole host of bodily benefits. What’s more, there’s also a chance these benefits can be felt for much longer than just a single month. In a survey carried out in 2019 by the University of Sussex, two out of three Dry January participants reported improved health, better sleep, more energy and heightened concentration levels, a whole six months after completing the challenge. Imagine how things would look if that was two months. Or three. Or even an entire year!

Better for your MIND

But it’s not just good for your physical health. Dry January can work wonders for your mind as well. In the short term, of course, alcohol can leave us feeling happier and more relaxed – especially in certain social situations or at the end of a long, hard day. There’s nothing wrong with this. But it’s important to remember that alcohol is, ultimately, a depressant – and one that many use to momentarily alleviate feelings of anxiety, insecurity or depression. Cutting back on the booze during Dry January won’t fix these feelings. But it will start those who experience them down a better, healthier, more stable road – one that’s better for mind, body and spirit.

Better for your WALLET

Alcohol is expensive. We’ve all been there. You head out with friends or family for what was meant to be a quiet night – “just a few drinks, nothing too crazy.” Then, before you know it, you’re waking up the next morning, reaching for your phone and checking your mobile banking app with one eye slightly squinted. Ouch. Taking part in Dry January means saving money. And by saving money that would otherwise be spent on booze, it can be reinvested into old hobbies, time spent with family, personal development, or your future. It’s a win-win.

With Glen Dochus, no booze is no problem.

Regardless of whether they’re taking part in Dry January, people still want to go out and socialise. And they still want a great-tasting, premium, grown-up beverage to sip on while they do so. But for as long as anyone can remember, the non-alcoholic alternatives available to those choosing to cut back on alcohol in January – or abstain from it entirely – haven’t even come close to meeting the mark. People have been limited in quality, flavour and choice. And their yearning for something more… Glen Dochus gives them more.

A taste for explorers, adventurers and independent spirits, Glen Dochus is the spirit alternative for those who still want to enjoy the smooth, sensory experience of alcohol – but with a clear head in the morning.

With five delicious blends, each as irresistibly indulgent in flavour as the next, there’s a tasting profile to match even the most adventurous Dry January goers. Discover the exhilaration of lofty peaks and vast open landscapes in our Highland Blend. Or dive head-first into an immersive, elemental journey with our West Coast Blend. However you choose to do Dry January this year – or even if you’re not, and you just want to try something a little lighter for once – make sure you do yourself a favour… Discover your blend. And do it with Glen Dochus.

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