Glen Dochus

Discover your perfect blend

Immerse yourself in an authentic, sensory experience across five flavours of Glen Dochus.

Crafted with pure Royal Deeside Water and rich with the smooth, soothing flavours of the Scottish Highlands, each non-alcoholic spirit blend has its own unique story to share.

What’s more, being halal compliant, vegan, gluten free and low in sugar and calories, they’re the perfect companion for everyone and anyone looking for an exhilarating, healthy non-alcoholic alternative to the old-world drinks they know and love.


  • West Coast Blend
    West Coast

    West Coast Blend

    Smooth and mellow, with subtleties of sweet-candied fruits and cracked black pepper.

  • Halal Compliant Vegan Non-alcoholic Gluten Free Natural
    Life in every sip
  • Highland Blend

    Highland Blend

    Heather honey, sumptuous figs and lemon peel, all infused with subtle hints of nutmeg and cardamon.

  • Export Blend

    Export Blend

    Wonderfully warming cinnamon, hints of hot toffee and an exotically spiced gingerbread tone.

  • Royale Blend

    Royale Blend

    Rich and fragrant. Full of the soft, warming, autumnal flavours of roasted hazelnut, candied orange, vanilla and honeycomb.

  • Island Blend

    Island Blend

    The perfect combination of peat smoke, liquorice, black pepper, chocolate and candied peel.


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