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Flavour worth searching for

Discover the exhilaration of lofty peaks and vast open landscapes in a beverage fit for adventurers, explorers and independent spirits. Infused with the very essence of Scotland, Glen Dochus is the perfect choice for anyone who’s choosing to go non-alcoholic.

Nurtured by nature and crafted by hand using the finest, most premium ingredients, Glen Dochus is a prestigious blend of exceptional flavours that’s a healthy alternative to old-world spirits.

Full-bodied, aromatic and velvety smooth, every bottle of Glen Dochus contains a tale of taste and wonder – just waiting to be discovered.

Discover the difference

Rooted in respect

From the dramatic, breathtaking beauty of the Cairngorm Mountains to the crystal-clear waters of Royal Deeside, our Scottish heritage is handcrafted into each blend of Glen Dochus. We humbly respect our roots – and you can taste this respect in every velvety sip.

Immerse yourself in an authentic experience

Experience perfect purity

Every velvety drop of Glen Dochus starts life high in the Cairngorm Mountains, before tumbling through mountain rock in the heart of Royal Deeside. Water from this precious spring is exclusively by us, ensuring the unique flavour of every sip. We call it the water of life.

Born of beauty

Everyone’s idea of the perfect dram is unique. So we’ve crafted a range of five distinct blends for you to discover. Each one expresses the awe and wonder of a different aspect of Scotland’s natural beauty. From warm and sultry notes of peat smoke to the irresistible tang of the sea mingled with malted honey – each of our signature blends has a unique palate, finish and unmistakable character.