Discover Glen Dochus

Born of beauty, blended with bravery – here’s your guide to the non-alcoholic dram for modern drinkers

Discover Glen Dochus

​No-and-low-alcohol sales rose by 50% in 2020-21, hitting £200m. It’s estimated that this will grow by another 31% by 2024. Consumers are demonstrating what they want, and there is ever increasing demand for low alcohol beverages.

We see how people are turning away from alcohol like never before. And we see how you, the drinkers, are rejecting non-alcoholic options because they taste too sweet or lack the depth and sophistication of alcoholic spirits. And rightly so, why should no alcohol mean no flavour?

So, that’s why Glen Dochus was born, to meet the demand for a superior non-alcoholic drink, full of rich, evocative flavours and aromas. Made by the non-alcoholic gurus at Spirits of Virtue, it’s a premium, handcrafted beverage for people who seek a delicious dram infused with carefully selected botanical ingredients and zero alcohol. Perfect for the hangover-avoider, baby-maker, healthy-eater, calorie-counter or planet-saver, Glen Dochus also fits the bill of vegan and Halal compliant – allowing everyone to sip, taste and share in the delicious adventure.

What makes Glen Dochus different?

Steeped in the history and tradition of Scotland it doesn’t disappoint. This is a sumptuously grown-up drink that offers all the sensory pleasures of alcohol – but with a clear head in the morning. With 5 premium individual blends, it certainly gives the flavour choice that can’t be found anywhere else. Glen Dochus isn’t a token alcohol alternative, it’s a carefully crafted selection of blends, appealing to a range of discerning palates. Something the non- alcoholic drinks market hasn’t seen until now. Something consumers have been crying out for.

A taste for explorers, adventurers and independent spirits, rich with the naturally smoky, soft flavours of the Scottish highlands and crafted with pure Royal Deeside water from an exclusive spring. Glen Dochus is the non-alcoholic brand that is going to stand out as the perfect base for crafting drinks of distinction.

These handcrafted blends offer you an exhilarating and healthy alternative to old-world spirits that can’t be found anywhere else. Full-bodied and exceptionally smooth, every bottle of Glen Dochus is a tale of taste and wonder – ready to be discovered.

Taste the purity in every sip

Of course, every beverage is based on water and this plays a vital part of the quality of the drink. The type and quality of water a manufacturer chooses has a huge effect on the overall flavour and feel of the beverage they create. So when the idea of making a whisky alternative first came to us, one of the first things we thought about was the kind of water we’d use. It was essential that we found a water source that was crystal clear and naturally pure. The choice was made with unprecedented care and attention. We settled on water from a natural spring local to us in Royal Deeside. This unique water source is fundamentally different to other waters because of some specific characteristics in its natural chemistry. It has a very low mineral content and a low pH – so it’s healthy, refreshing and gives the perfect neutral base for our flavourful blends. Each velvety drop of Glen Dochus starts life high in the Cairngorm Mountains where the river rises, before tumbling through mountain rock on its way to the Scottish coast. Water from this precious spring is used exclusively by us, ensuring a unique and memorable flavour for Glen Dochus.

From the very heart of Scotland

Because everyone’s idea of the perfect dram is unique, we have created a range of 5 different blends of Glen Dochus to discover. You won’t find a premium non-alcoholic spirit selection like this anywhere else. Scotland is the home of Glen Dochus and as a Scottish brand, we’re enthusiastic about promoting the wonders of our historic homeland to the wider world. So, each Glen Dochus blend expresses the awe and wonder of a different aspect of Scotland’s natural beauty. From warm and sultry notes of peat smoke, to the irresistible tang of the sea mingled with malted honey – each signature blend has a different palate, finish and unmistakable character. This dedication to the subtleties of flavour and aroma is one of the things that makes Glen Dochus stand out from the crowd in the non-alcoholic drinks market and gives you real choice.

  • West Coast Blend with notes of light smoke, dried apricots, caramel, citrus and cracked black pepper
  • Highland Blend with notes of sea salt, dried figs, citrus peel, caramel, nutmeg and candied fruit
  • Royal Blend with notes of manuka honey, hazelnuts, candied orange peel, sandalwood and vanilla
  • Export Blend with notes of heather honey, cedarwood smoke, gingerbread, toffee and warming cinnamon
  • Coming in 2023: Island Blend with notes of smoky intensity, liquorice, peat, tobacco, coffee and candied peel

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Add a dash of non-alcoholic flavour to your cooking

Alcoholic spirits have been at the heart of many a cook’s signature dish for centuries. Whether it’s a dram of whisky in a rich fruit cake or poured generously into a steak sauce… booze and cooking have long gone hand in (oven) glove. And you non-alcoholic domestic gods and goddesses needn’t miss out any longer. Glen Dochus blends are the perfect choice for adding that extra something to dishes both sweet and savoury.

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Mindful mixologists love Glen Dochus

Now cocktail lovers can shake, stir and sip their way to an adventure of the senses. Whether your taste runs to tried and tested classics or something more experimental, all our Glen Dochus blends are just right for cocktails. We can’t wait to inspire everyone’s inner mixologist with tempting recipes for all sorts of occasions.

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Glen Dochus offers the opportunity to drink healthily. When you want to impress your guests, give a gift with a difference or simply treat yourself, look to Glen Dochus. Find out more about Glen Dochus

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